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Sam Spiers

‘Since an early age, I was always drawn to the mystery and grandeur of those huge living organisms known as trees’


   Like most young lads, I would wander off into the local woods and spend the day climbing trees. But there was something embedded in me that went that bit further than simply a general interest. Some of my earliest memories are of helping my Dad and Uncle in the woodlands of a local shoot. Mainly clearing the brambles or trying to light the bonfires. But occasionally under their watchful eye they would let me cut the logs smaller for the fire. I would think nothing of a chainsaw now, however back then it was a very scary piece of equipment, but I loved it. I knew this is what I wanted to do. This interest stayed with me through to senior school, where I had my work experience at a local plant nursery. Potting the plants, watering and even a chance to have a ride on the tractor. I was in my element. My first taste of work outside of school. I left school as an average achiever with average grades, but a determination to follow my passion for trees all the way.


   Following school I decided to undertake the 1 year First Diploma in Forestry Mechanisation at Plumpton Agricultural College. It was what I needed. A real insight into the world of Forestry and Arboriculture. I made some good, like-minded friends on that course and come out with a Distinction. I did feel like that this was just scratching the surface and I needed to further my knowledge. Therefore it was only common sense to undertake the 2 year National Diploma in Arboriculture. Within these two years I could feed my passion for trees and their environment. I made more great friends, as well as meeting my other half, who was doing the course also,  after three years studying Equine. I even learnt Latin. I left Plumpton College with a huge range of Practical and academic qualifications. It was now just the experience I needed.


   I started my first full time job as a climber with a local Tree surgery company. I was put straight into the deep end but was grateful for that, as I believe this is what accelerated my practical skills. I wasn’t the quickest climber back then but I always took a great pride in what I was doing and never lost respect for the trees I worked on. My boss soon acknowledged my capabilitys and suggested putting me through a higher level academic course. It was the Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture. I finished that course with a much deeper understanding of  Arboriculture.


  After 6 years as supervisor, I felt I was ready to take the plunge and start up my own tree surgery company. I have strived since then to put the company heads and shoulders above the competition in terms of quality and care. I was even privileged enough to be asked back to college, this time teaching the Foundation degree students one day a week. A chance to share my knowledge and passion with like minded individuals.


I will forever be a perfectionist when it comes to the care of trees and their environment. I believe this shows in the work that Town And Country Tree Services undertake.


I hope this gives you a brief history of my Tree Surgery and Arboricultural background.



All the best.


Sam Spiers

ND arb, RFS cert arb

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