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All aspects of tree surgery, tree planting and consultancy.

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Tree Surgery Services – advice and information on all aspects of tree surgery, tree planting and consultancy.


Dead Wood Removal

A process to remove dead, dying or diseased wood from the crown of a tree with the purpose being to maintain its health and safety.

Crown Reduction

To prune back the ends of branches which reduces the crown of a tree to a more compact size whilst retaining its natural shape.

Crown Thinning

A method of pruning to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown of a tree by selective removal of branches.

Crown Lifting

This is the selective removal of the lower branches of a trees crown to increase the distance between the base of the canopy and ground level. This type of pruning should, if possible be carried out before a tree reaches maturity in order to avoid large wounds. This allows more light through and can prevent obstruction.

Tree Felling

The complete removal of a tree to ground level. This involves the careful lowering of branches and timber to prevent damage to the surrounding area.

Shaping and Pruning

This practice is used to maintain the natural shape and balance of the tree or to encourage new growth. Fruit trees require regular and remedial pruning, of which there are various training methods.

Formative Pruning

This is carried out on younger trees. This work is to encourage a balanced branch structure to be formed as the tree matures, the ideal result being a well balanced mature tree with a uniform branch structure. The added benefit of this technique is that if kept up every few years the size and growing habit of the tree can be relatively managed.


This is where the head of the main branches are cut back to promote a more bushy growth of foliage to prevent them outgrowing their allotted space, casting shade, obstructing electric wires and streetlights or blocking gutters.

Tree Renovation

Some fruit trees become very overgrown, having been neglected for many years. In these cases it is far better for the renovation to be staged over a period of three years to reduce the shock to the tree.

Hedge Care

We can trim and tidy your hedges, which may also include reduction of the height of the hedge as required.

Stump Grinding

The removal of tree stumps to below ground level.

On-site Logging

We can process your felled tree on site into firewood ready for the winter.

Tree Planting

We offer a full tree planting service. From soil analysis, tree selection through to the correct after care.


  • Tree condition reports
  • Tree hazard and risk assessment
  • Trees in site developments
  • Tree preservation planning issues
  • Tree surveying
  • Management of ancient and veteran trees

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